Chevron Throw Pillows

Chevron decorative throw pillows in a variety of colors and styles for your bedding or sofa.

The versatile chevron pattern with its recent resurgence in popularity is also referred to playfully as the zig zag pattern. The chevron pattern covers the gamut from fun and modern style to an understated elegant touch, depending on the color and pattern size your choose. It can be used to liven up a child’s room or to add a modern art touch to your living or bedroom.

Our chevron decorative throw pillows have all been designed by independent designers, bringing you a wide selection of colors and pattern choices. We have given you a few samples of the different pillow options available, to find the perfect chevron pillow for your room – start by finding the color you are looking for. You can then browse the hundreds of different pillows available.

Throw pillows come in either soft cotton or polyester, with a removable and machine washable zipper case.

They come in three different size choices:

Square 16 x 16

Square 20 x 20

Lumbar 13 x 21

In an effort to keep our site current, we have not listed the prices for the products. Each pillow is independently priced by the designer with sales and promotions being offered each day. To see the price, click the pillow design of your choice. You will be brought to the store of the designer where you can see pricing, customization options and finalize your purchase.

All orders will be processed and shipped by Zazzle.  All products made in the USA.

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Pillows can really add a lot of color to a room and bring some comfort. One of my favorite design principles is color. It can change the mood. 

Too many colors can make your head spin, where as a monochromatic room feels more relaxing. Try using a limited color palette – use a monochromatic color palette and then add a pop of color with a throw or some decorative throw pillows. 

Tie it all in with the curtain fabrics or the area rug. By just taking some bold blocks of color, it is still harmonious and in the color range with a nice relaxing feel. 

Solid color pillows may be a little boring, add in a few pattern colored throw pillows or add a painting or piece of artwork that brings in the other color shades that you want to bring in to the room. 

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