Purple Throw Pillows

purple_decorative_throw_pillowsPurple throw pillows

Decorative throw pillows in multiple shades of purple and in a variety of different styles and designs. Purple is a versatile color that evokes a feeling that can range from bold and regal to soft and sweet. These pillows are perfect for the bedroom, living room, seating area in a sunroom or kitchen or even for a girl or teen girl’s bedding.

Pillows can be purchased in your choice of zippered soft cotton, zippered or sown enclosure polyester or mildew resistant outdoor polyester fabric. All pillows are made to order in the USA.

Our purple throw pillows come in three size options:

Square – 16 x 16

Square – 20 x 20

Lumbar – 13 x 21

To keep our site current, we have not listed the prices. To see prices, click on the pillow design of your choice. You will be taken to the independent designer’s store where you can see pricing, customization options and finalize your purchase.


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Some pillows can just be simple and plain like these two large pillows on the sofa in the corner. Or, you can get a little more whimsical with fun pattern pillows. Across the room on this leather chair, we have a nature inspired pattern pillow to bring the outdoors inside. This sofa is so comfortable. I’ve taken inspiration from the artwork we have hanging on the walls. The pillows on the sofa have the colors that are reflected in the art. Pillows are a great way to snazz up any room in the house and they make everything more comfortable.

I’m going to teach you how to decorate a sofa with pillows. You do not want the pillows to match the color of the sofa and make sure you have different colors, sizes and textures. This pillow is oversized and modern, the next one is a smaller square sheepskin pillow and the final one is in yet another size and has a beautiful velvet fabric. If your sofa is less than six feet, try this pillow arrangement for a winning designer look, every time. 


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