Typography Pillows


Typography decorative pillows for your sofa or bedding – perfect for people who have a lot to say and want to find a creative way to say it.

Our typography pillows come in a variety of beautiful colors and styles and offer a variety of different messages printed in beautiful fonts and designs. Each design is created by an independent Zazzle designer, each pillow is custom printed for each customer and delivered to your door.

Typography throw pillows come in three different size options in your choice of indoor cotton, polyester or outdoor fabric.

Square – 16 x 16

Square – 20 x 20

Lumbar – 13 x 21

To keep our site current, we have not listed the prices. To see pricing and to place your order, click on the design of your choice. You will be brought to the designer’s store where you can place your order.

All orders processed by Zazzle. Proudly made in the USA.


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Here are my tips for picking pillows for your living room just keep these design elements in mind when choosing – fabric, pattern, size, style and formality. 

If you have a formal living room, you are going to want to use a pillow in a fabric that lends itself to a more formal feel. Great choices are silk, linen, etc. You might be using your pillows to be tying together patterns that are on your furniture. This pillow here has a blue in it and although the couch doesn’t have blue in it, the chair has blue in it. Another chair in the living room may have a similar pattern or common theme. 

The smaller pillow is the perfect accent pillow for the living room. here you have a bigger pillow, you can arrange with a smaller pillow. Choose different sizes and put on in front of the other. In a more formal setting, feel free to use a lot of pillows! This room will most likely not be used as much as a more informal room so pillows will most of the time be used simply for decoration. 

This accent pillow not only brings together the colors with the chairs but it could also coordinate with the barstools or fabrics from the adjoining room

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