Watercolor Throw Pillows


Watercolor throw pillows

Soft hand painted watercolor throw pillows for your home. With a handmade feel, the softly blended hues melt together seamlessly creating a beautiful pillow design that looks like a unique work of art.

Each of our watercolor pillows have been designed by an independent artist. All pillows are made in the USA and orders are processed, printed and shipped by Zazzle.

Throw pillows come in your choice of cotton or polyester all with a removable, machine washable case. 

Square – 16 x 16 

Square – 20 x 20

Lumbar – 13 x 21

Pillow pricing is set by the artist, to keep our site current we have not listed the prices. To see pricing and customization options, click the pillow design of your choice. You will be brought to the store of the designer where you can finalize your purchase. 

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Watercolor techniques for making your own creations! 

There are a few basic watercolor brush strokes that can help you get to know watercolor and make some really cool artwork. These techniques and suggestions are not a must do, they are just to help get you introduced and give you some things to practice and play with. 

Flat wash – the goal is to laydown a block of even flat color. The ratio between water to pain is going to make a big difference. When you have more water than paint, you will get a lighter look. More paint then water and your color will be brighter and more vibrant. 

Gradient wash – is a wash that goes from light to dark. Load up your brush with water and paint and lay down a stroke. Add a little water to your brush and then lay down another stroke. Keep adding water to your brush so on and so on. 

Dry brush is exactly what it sounds like. Use a brush that is mostly dry or damp and get it loaded up with paint. You will notice the texture of the paper will come through with this stroke. 

Wet on wet is the opposite of that. Load up a clean brush with clean water and lay that water on the paper. Then add a lot of paint and water to your brush. When you lay the paint on the paper it will bleed. Remember water is power, where the water goes – the paint wants to be.

Have fun and enjoy watercolors!

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