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Girl’s room decorative throw pillows, for kids ages 5 – 11. Browse our selection of adorable and colorful pillows perfect for your little girl’s bedroom.

Girls like to collect things, like stuffed animals or dolls. In addition to comfy and soft throw pillows, you can also use stuffed animals or dolls as a part of the pillow arrangement on their bed. We can empower our kids by asking them what they like, what they want their bedroom to be. The bedroom is the place where they live, let them have some input as to the colors they like and the things that they enjoy.

Each of our girl’s throw pillow designs comes in your choice of soft cotton or polyester, with a removable and machine washable zipper case.

Three pillow sizes are available:

Square – 16 x 16

Square – 20 x 20

Lumbar – 13 x 21

To keep our site current, we haven’t listed the prices. To see pricing information and to place your order – click on the pillow design of your choice. You will be brought to the designer’s store where you can finalize your purchase.


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Creative ideas for a girl’s room decorating. A twin bed will only have one pillow on it but you may want to use a king size bed as the main decorative pillow. You can use the decorative pillow to cover up their every night, standard sleep pillow. Layer smaller decorative pillows on top. 

When a child moves up to a full size bed, you want to remember to keep it simple. When kids are making their beds, they don’t want to have to deal with a complicated pillow arrangement. Relax and let their bed reflect their personality! 

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