Blue Throw Pillows


Blue Throw Pillows


Browse our selection of blue decorative throw pillows in a variety of shades of navy, sky and cobalt. Next to black, white and neutrals – blue is one of the most compatible colors in decorating and is well known for it’s relaxing and calming demeanor. For a warm and cozy room, choose a shade of blue with a hint of red such as an ocean, denim or slate blue. To lighten up a room and give it a more spacious feel, use a shade of blue that has more yellow in it – such as a cobalt or turquoise.

Each unique throw pillow is created by an independent artist and is made to order in the USA.

Pillows can be purchased in your choice of zippered soft cotton, zippered or sown enclosure polyester or mildew resistant outdoor polyester fabric.

Our blue throw pillows come in three different size choices:

Square – 16 x 16

Square – 20 x 20

Lumbar – 13 x 21

To keep our site current, we have not listed the prices. To see pricing and order information, click on the pillow you like and you will be brought to the designer’s store where you can finalize your order.

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Decorating in shades of blue: I’m here today to talk to you about decorating in shades of blue. It’s calming and peaceful and promotes relaxation. There are different ways you can decorate with blue. Try using a pale shade of blue on the walls and then paint trim in a darker blue for a very dramatic effect. You can use grayish blue sofa with pattern decorative pillows in a variety of shades of blue. Ombre is also one of the hottest trends, using a color swatch from your local paint store you can get ideas of different shades of blue that all blend and coordinate together beautifully. Blue mosaic tile on a backsplash or in a bathroom are simply class and gorgeous. 

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